Dejan Krunic

Founder and Owner

Dejan approaches breeding with the same love and dedication to equestrian sports that he developed when learning to ride growing up in Belgrade, Serbia. He now divides his time between Houston, Texas and Fromentières, France. 

Dejan has developed a keen sense of which horses bring the specific qualities of heart, scope and mind to his foals.


Nanou Dewever


Nanou handles daily operations at La Grande Blottière in Fromentières, France. From that location, the majority of the breeding activity is organized, using our trusted network of partners. Nanou is a native of France, has a love of equestrian sport, and is an accomplished sport pony breeder in her own right.


Ivana ZelceviC


Ivana provides administrative, billing and emotional support from Belgrade, Serbia. She is a horse lover and just wishes that one would fit in her apartment in Belgrade. 


Patrick Hanley

Web Master

Patrick knows that horses have four legs. He makes up for a lack of knowledge about horses by knowing how to construct a decent website.