Our Philosophy

Dejan Krunic Sporthorses is committed to producing horses that meet three tests which we believe are essential to success in sport. Our horses are each bred to produce heart: each one is willing to get the job done and has a natural ability to connect to the rider. They are bred to have scope: each horse must meet the highest physical standards to meet the demands of show jumping. And finally, each horse must demonstrate mind: strength and will must be combined with a sharp intellect, which allows the horse to use its heart and scope to achieve its full potential. 



It is essential that our horses be brave and eager to do the job at hand. Champions must find enjoyment in the task before them. Raw power without this element cannot be harnessed.



Power is essential to make a champion, and all our horses are bred with this in mind. For this reason, we carefully select our stallions and mares for pairing in order to produce only foals that will have the athletic ability to compete at the highest levels of sport.



The horse must be equipped with appropriate intellect to blend power and drive. Smart horses are trainable, adaptable and a pleasure to work with. As courses become more technical, it is crucial for a rider to have a clever and cooperative partner.